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Surber Show Sheep



Ice Breaker (Blondie/Williams) x GT Dorsets 1037

Hailstorm is guaranteed to throw depth and width. He certainly doesn't lack the look and shag. Will get new pictures when he's sheared. We are very impressed with what he's produced so far this year.

Thanks to Danielle of Blondie Show Lambs for selling us this buck


Hats Off (Steva Robinson) x Enfield 675

Bday: 4/1/15 Reg#P716407

This guy is going to stay moderate sized and clean up the chest floor on his lambs. He's going to throw a ton of lower leg and plenty of bone. We are very happy with his lambs this year.

Thanks to Enfield Club Lambs for offering this guy at Sedalia.

"Over Time"

Time Out x Game Over

Over Time is a stout made buck that has proved himself by throwing level topped, thick made lambs. He threw some of our top selling lambs in 2015. He passes on rack and rib that will blow your mind. Be ready for more from him in 2016.

'Big Baby' - Surber 5103

Dam: Piper 684

Sire: Piper 708


Bday: 12/4/14 Twin

Reg #: P714944

Big Baby has brought length of body and height to the lambs he's sired. We are very pleased with his success.


Huntrods x Ellerbrock

Stonewall was our lead crossbred buck and was used on mostly cross ewes, but he also produced some specs and Dorset Advantage lambs in 2016.

*SOLD* in 2017 to IN with Breeding Rights


Double-O x Enfield 17660

Kollias is one of the thickest made and heaviest boned bucks we have raised. Anxious to see what he throws in 2015.



0700 x X-Man

This long sided, heavy muscled buck will be our lead sire for 2015.


Lil Cap'n

This buck comes from a ram we used in 2013 and has a massive hip and rack. He will be used in 2015.



This buck was the Res. Grand Ram at the 2012 Clinton Co. IN fair. He's a half brother to the Grand Champion Dorset of the 2014 San Antonio Stock Show.

Sold in 2013 to IA


This buck was Grand Champion Ram at the 2007 Clinton Co. IN fair.



This buck was Res. Grand Ram at the 2008 Clinton Co. fair.

Sold in 2011 to OH

'Smokey Bear'

Smoke (Torch x Dog) x Polo (Hawk x Cheyenne)

Sold in 2013 to IN

Reference Sires


660 x Roger (Huntrods) x Game Over


Pipes X Trifecta


Time Out x Hitch


Bud Son X Enfield

Test QR

"660" is a "Bud" grandson and double bred "Martin 7345 "Freaky" great grandson. We are hopeful that he will blend well with our X-man line of ewes as X-man was a Bud son.

"660" sired the Res. Champion dorset at the 2011 Arizona Nationals, 2011 Champion dorset at Denver Stock Show, Ch. Dorset Illinois State fair open show and 4th NAILE 2010, Champion Dorset at Iowa State Fair 2010.


Snell 1149

Blizzard x Hitch


#1 sired the Res. Champion Dorset at 2011 NAILE for Mitch Langvardt and was Champion Dorset at 2012 OYE. A #1 daughter was the dam of the Reserve Champion Ewe lamb 2011 Midwest Stud Ram Sale for Star Dust and a son of #1 sired the Champion Dorset ewe at OYE in 2011.

'Huntrods 5253'

Huntrods 5253 was said to be the best ram that Roger ever used by Roger's son Mark. He is the sire of Butch and another ram in use at the Huntrods and Huntrods kept many ewe lambs out of him. He throws great skinned lambs with very good bone and extremely level off the dock. Ewes make great mothers and milkers.


Hewlett 976

Trifecta is sired by "Grand Cayman" who is a "Grand Duke" son and his mother is a "Grand" daughter who was Supreme Champion Breeding ewe at the Kansas State Fair and won her class at Louisville. Grand Cayman's mother was Sherry Nelson's very best ewe and is sired by Hambone.

'Time Out'

Enfield 770


"Game Over" x DWH 272 "Kudzu" granddaughter

He is sired by Game Over and his mother is a "Kudzu" granddaughter and was purchased from the Enfield family.


Huntrods 5418

Rader x Dover 0092 (4747's Sire)


Martin 1351

0200 "Prime Time" x Jones 747

He is sired by Game Over and his mother is a "Kudzu" granddaughter and was purchased from the Enfield family.


Martin 0068 x DWHills 239 Phantom